3D Frog Frenzy

3D Frog Frenzy 2.0

A time-based arcade racing adventure game
Control the frog who can't swim and navigate your way from highways and roads to get home on time. Complete multiple levels with unique obstacles, unlock access by getting to specific locations, complete timed challenges, perform stunts to maneuver around difficult objects.

Race against the clock and rush hour traffic to get froggy home safely! That testy amphibian is back...and the challenge is tougher than ever! Meet Froggy. He is the only frog alive who can't swim! Help Froggy navigate through highways while trying to avoid traffic and travel across rivers without drowning. The challenge is yours; guide Froggy through 20 menacing mazes, get Froggy home to safety. Only you can help! This game features fast action, real time play, full color animation and cool sound effects. The challenge is yours for the taking!

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